Losing Chess Wizard 3.1(a) 

Losing Chess Wizard 3.1(a) is exactly same as 'Wizard' which currently plays so well on the FICS server! :) It has a text-based interface, but can also run under the Tim Mann's graphical interface program - WinBoard!

What is new: (compared to the version 2.05):

  • Over 200 ELO improved engine!
  • Small (16.000 entries), but effective hash table for better endgame
  • Playing style now much more 'human': less tactics, but much more strategy!
  • Better compatibilty to WinBoard (e.g. 'increment' support)
  • Many bug fixes
  • Download:

  • Losing Chess Wizard 3.1(a) for Win95/NT (46kb)
  • For use either with WinBoard, or 'standalone' - with text-based interface.
  • Losing Chess Wizard 3.1(a) for DOS (42kb)
  • This version can only be used with its own text- interface! It's about 30% slower than the 32bit version.

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