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  M. Pap's "Cheating Scandal..."

M. Pap's "Cheating Scandal..."


Chess Club Ostria, Thessaloniki, Greecs about M. Pap's claims...

08.05.2017 / GM Pap, Misa (2480) : Cheating Scandal in Thessaloniki

TRIANDRIA CHESS CLUB, Thessaloniki Greece

About Misa Pap's "Cheating scandal..."

The Triandria Chess Club simply lists the facts. Interpretations are let in the judgment of site readers.

1. Mr. Pap was the number 1 of the 10th International Tournament of Triandria, Thessaloniki (17-23 April 2017).

2. Mr. Pap made a draw in the 2nd round against an opponent of a much lower ELO.

3. Mr. Al. Papasimakopoulos is a Greek Champion in rapid (ELO 2307)
Mr. Al. Papasimakopoulos before two days was at the first place (with GM Georgiev) at the 9th Chess Festival 2017 Rapid before 15 titled players, GMs included.

4. Mr. Al. Papasimakopoulos, for professional reasons, was particularly rushed during his game against Mr. Pap. (4th round).

5. Mr. Pap during his game against Mr. Papasimakopoulos showed unsportsmanlike behavior: a) He got up from his chair, walked to the side of his opponent, bent under his chair and was visually searching him, hinting that his opponent was cheating. b) He called the arbiter and in the presence of his opponent and the other players he claimed that his opponent was cheating. c) He pushed his chair four times hard to the table (while his opponent's time was running) causing great noise. d) He began to shout loudly, while his opponent's time was running, that he was a victim of cheating. This bothered all the surrounding players (including some GMs), some of whom protested and asked him to stop.

6. Mr. Pap asked that his games should not be broadcast alive (although there was a 10-minute delay), creating a problem for the tournament, and for his rivals who wanted the live broadcast.

7. Mr. Pap refused to fill out an official complaint form and send it to FIDE.

8. Mr. Pap threatened the organizer by saying: "If you do not want HUGE SCANDAL out of this, I suggest a solution" and asked for compensation: "I recommend you to seriously consider this to compensate me for this somehow (for example, 400 EUR in cash)".

9. The tournament Director, Mr. Vasileios Betsakos requested the chief arbiter, Mr Prodromos Gerontopoulos, not to eliminate Mr. Pap from the tournament because he has a great deal of respect for all GMs - people who have devoted their lives to chess.

10. The chess players who participated in the 10th International Triandria Tournament of Thessaloniki were very pleased and congratulated the organizers for the excellent tournament.

The Board of Directors
Triandria Chess Club